Wednesday, May 23, 2007

They didn't tell you about the registries...

Imagine you're sitting at your computer; hard at work on an important project. You finish up, you save, you try to send this most important of works to your office... Suddenly, you're hit with an annoying error message. You think to yourself, "okay... not a problem... I'll just try to send again and --- what the heck!" Try as you might, it's like your entire internet connection just died.

Now imagine you spend several hours on a phone talking to a primitive and unsympathizing technical support robot. To add to the nightmare you spend several more hours venting at an under-qualified technical support agent who might as well instruct you to toss your system out the window. You're at your last whim when miraculously the supervisor swoops in and in a matter of minutes your problem is no more. And they have audacity to charge you thirty bucks an hour!!!

Sounds like fun, right? Now imagine that all you had to do to solve this most taxing problem was properly clean your system's registry. The culprit, the whole time, was that single program you uninstalled last week that decided to stick around a for a while. Do your self a favor. Make your life a little easier by clicking on this link and cleaning your system's registry for free. Don't wait until it's too late.